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Hi everyone! I joined to forum today and i want to share two of my recent compositions. I'm not very good guitar player so please forgive my mistakes :) These are my compositions. I'm very new to this stuff and i would be very happy if you shared your critique with me.

Dernière Valse

Coeur Fissuré

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I listened to Derniere Valse. Really excellent and authentic writing, I love a melancholy waltz and the music was strong enough to come through the occasionally weak playing, which is always a good sign for me. Do you see the pieces as guitar compositions or are you just using guitar as the tool to record them?

If I was to critique I'd say you might need to add a section to avoid some repetition. But that could be avoided by reprising your melodies in different octaves or instruments.

Thanks for the reply! I see these pieces as guitar compositions. I'm not very good at creating orchestral compositions so i'm just sticking to guitar while i'm learning to do bigger things. Thanks for the critique, i actually want to develop the piece more and add more versatility to its melody and overall sections but i don't have any idea for now, i'll rework on it with fresh mind :)

No problem there, they work well on guitar - might be easy to overblow orchestrally. If you have access to a classical guitar, you could try playing some passages on it to add a wider range of texture. I'd offer to record a version myself but I know I'd get busy and then regret not doing it :)

Hi Caspian--I enjoyed these very much:)

I found Derniere Valse simply charming and enjoyed the beautiful mood it created.

Coeur Fissure is also very nice and off to a great start--but I feel the biggest stumbling block here is that you might be limiting your composing to only what youre able to play, and then, even that performance has some problems.

Perhaps learning to compose using sound libraries and either Notation software, or a DAW, might be of benefit, so that you can easily listen and correct mistakes and go well beyond your own performing capabilities. This might be the best solution here, IMO.

Please continue composing and sharing your music and thanks so much for sharing these two wonderful pieces:)

Thanks Bob

Thanks for the replies :) I don't have a classical guitar yet but i'm saving up for it. And i just installed a DAW today to learn to create better compositions without mistakes. 

Thank you MM Coston :)

 I like both, however the first seems a bit more developed and thoughtful.  The 2nd seems to meander a bit, but otherwise is nice.  I would try to use some melodies in a lower octave to avoid having them sound like variations on a theme or too much alike in their sound.

Thank you. I developed the first one to an orchestral piece(my orchestration is poor though) you can listen to it here Valse

Orchestration notes: If that's guitar providing the waltz rhythm, there's a range of simple orchestral choices to thicken things up; using basses and cellos for the bass for the 1 and violas, clarinets etc on the 2 & 3. Or many variations thereof. To do it really well you can move between using strings for the melody and woodwinds, between ensemble and solo variations, ad infinitum. Harp as a plucked support for rhythm also has potential.

Caspian Moon said:

Thank you. I developed the first one to an orchestral piece(my orchestration is poor though) you can listen to it here Valse

Thanks for the tips. I'm reading Principles of Orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov now and after i finish it i'll try to rework on the waltz.

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