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My 7 Piano Sonatas (Or it can be viewed as 1 large Sonata with 7 mov'ts)

7 Piano Sonatas. They Can be viewed as one individual entity or as seven independent works. Each sonata is related to the others in some way. These sonatas explore the various harmonic and rhythmic states of music, as well as the mathematical/musical relationship of the number 7. I'd like to point out that these sonatas are not in traditional sonata form. They have various themes (mostly harmonic) which are explored throughout the entire work.

The tonal/rhythmic language used reflects various points of colour, states of being, imagery and mathematics.

0:00 - Sonata No.1(Red)
9:58 - Sonata No.2 (The Unfinished)
17:10 Sonata No.3 (The Choice)
26:32 Sonata No.4 (The Poem)
36:00 Sonata No. 5 (The Sorcerer)
45:34 Sonata 6 (The Oriental)
56:20 Sonata 7 (Winter)

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I'm listening.   And enjoying.  

Hi Nick, I thought these showed a lot of talent. Original and innovative,

colorful and interestingly textured. I look forward to seeing/hearing what else

you 'come up with'.               RS

ps-  I like that you tried to put the entire keyboard to work :>}

These sound improvisational in character i.e. in the sense that they convey spontaneity and impulse. Though I'm pretty certain they are not improvisations in the traditional sense. Some parts sound quite jazzy. Some harmonies made me think of Scriabin. I wondered why, though enjoyable, they weren't capturing more of my interest and I realized I was missing more harmonic modulation. There is a harmonic sameness within each movement, despite the impulsive changing tempos and rhythms. For example the first movement opens with what sounds like a bitonal chord and that chord appears to dominate the entire movement. That's of course a matter of preference but I suppose it doesn't agree with me as much as modulation. This may be just me :)

Among the parts I most enjoyed was the buildup towards the end of movement 2.

Incidentally are these your own watercolors?


I've only had time so far for the first sonata.  I enjoyed listening.  It's quite different in style from your "Mysterium" piece, and closer to my concept of how a piano is used traditionally (I thought "Mysterium" was very nontraditional, I would say orchestral like).  So I see you compose in different styles.

Here's a side comment which might be very off base...  I couldn't stop thinking of Albéniz's Rumores de la Caleta.  Is that crazy?  That pattern on the left hand reminds me of his left hand, although in your sonata it appears sporadically and unpredictably and in his piece it's a regular repeating pattern (and much faster).  I was also reminded of his grand opening with the arpeggio.  Of course, the two pieces have almost nothing else in common but those specific features! :-)

My knowledge of the piano repertoire is extremely limited, but I happened to play that particular Albéniz piece as a child.

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