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Hello all! 

Been a member on this forum for a few months and have watched from afar, but thought I would get involved and submit some of my own music for critique...

I am primarily a bassist playing all kinds of contemporary music, but with a secret desire to write for classically inclined musical theatre (something I studied a little in my final year of university). My attempts have so far only been heard by myself and a degree examiner, so any open and honest feedback would be welcomed.

This first piece is from a proposed chamber musical, rather gothic in nature, and would serve as an overture/introduction to the show. It is orchestrated for piano and string quartet, and would feature a male and female vocal (please excuse the keyboard vocal lines - no access to singers at present). I can supply lyrics and setting if anyone is interested.

Any feedback would be welcome - in particular comments on string voicing and playability/suitability for live vocals, as I am not a singer myself!

Many thanks for taking the time to read and (hopefully) listening,


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Hey, thanks for listening!

Very good point. The reason for the orchestration was originally rooted in a business minded study (minimal musicians and space needed opens up more performance opportunities etc) but something I have struggled with is making the strings sound like they haven't been plonked on top of the piano, so definitely something to work on. I'm currently writing a version scored for a slightly bigger ensemble, so will post progress.

Absolutely, I look forward to engaging with all sorts of music on this site!


Good point well made!


Bob Porter said:


Don't skimp on arrangements. I've played in plenty of professional and amateur pit bands made up of a few keyboards( covering orchestra parts) and some brass, winds, drums and guitar. 

In my view, write good music and people will find a way to play it. 

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