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Hallo guys,

since a few weeks I work on a video game project and I want you to present the Main Theme:

The Title says everything about the story: "Revenge Of The Knight"....

hope you enjoy, and please give me some feedback,

Greetings, Roland

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Nice work Roland. I enjoyed the piece overall and really liked the opening. A couple of comments, which you may not agree with. While the strings have a nice driving triplet rhythm propelling the music forward, the slow beat of the drums contrast too much and slow the rhythm down. If the drums instead augmented the rhythmic drive of the drums, the piece would be more dynamic. Also, I was distracted by the trills in either the tuba or trombones. They didn't seem to match the overall style of the piece. Hope this helps.

I love it!  Very Hollywood trailer-esque.  I love the chord progression from around 1:27, it's amazingly heroic.

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