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A little joke, based on an idea I had a long time ago.

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Well, I Don't look on Covid-19 as any kind of joke and the piece was too short to comment on, just a fragment. I can't see the connection with this disease.

What kind of comment were you expecting, if I may ask?

Did you see the subtitle, both on the score and the video?

Dane Aubrun said:

 I can't see the connection with this disease.


One washes ones hands for various reasons. 

Now, did you see the question in my reply?

Here's another one. What connection does your piece have with washing your hands?  (Though Pontius Pilate comes to mind, I must admit.)

The question what kind of comment I was expecting? Either "that's clever" or "that's funny". Thought apparently I should have been prepared for "I don't get it". Or "that's inappropriate".

The relation between hand washing and this piece? Seriously? Did you watch the video?


I hesitate to ask but are you insulting my intelligence? Of course I watched the video! That's how I could comment on the piece being short. Yes?

Do you wash your hands before or after playing the keyboard? Or both? 

No need to answer. I'll sit out of this one now. Pontius Pilate - wash my hands of it!


Dane Aubrun said:

Do you wash your hands before or after playing the keyboard? Or both? 

I, personally, quite like musical jokes.This piece is somewhat more a visual / self-experience parodie, rather than a real musical contribution as such, I suppose. The duration is fine, just right - in the UK everyone is advised to wash hands for 20 seconds by singing "Happy Birthday" twice, at normal speed, whilst washing.

Making fun of a disease can be like Marmite, a strange, thick, sticky, savoury food spread made from yeast extract - actually invented in Germany (it was a by-product of beer brewing) but now mostly consumed in the UK. Their slogan is: Love it - or hate it!

This piece may amuse listeners / viewers, who have not got the illness (yet), but is unlikely to impress others, who got seriously unwell with it, or even lost someone to it. They may find it possibly offensive and inappropriate, actually. It's one of those things...

Let's leave it at that.

Tillerich said:

It's one of those things...

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