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HI All,

This is my first upload for the critique section of the site so I'll be interested in what you all think.  This is the middle movement from what will probably be a 3 part composition for brass quartet (about 15 minutes total in length).  The first and last movements are still in progress, so I'll likely be tweaking them based on what I hear from you all about this middle movement.

Specific items I'd like people's opinion on:

1) The form:  Does it hold the composition together, is it satisfying?

2) Harmonic content: I'll not discuss the techniques used, just want to know if anything sticks out as awkward or incoherent.

3) Enjoyability:This is a tough one because I'm not so emotionally moved by this piece anymore.  Let me know if you are moved somewhat.

4) I'll be applying to Graduate schools next fall, for those of you familiar with the academic world, would you consider this composition to be at the right level for graduate studies?


Thanks very much in advance for taking the time to listen and comment!


- Kevin

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