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Hey everyone! I thought I'd also post some music after seeing the track of a friend here!

Maybe a short introduction first, since it's the first track I'm posting here. I'm a german filmcomposer at the age of 22 who started to get into music around 3 years ago. I'm currently trying to get into the filmmusic industry, mainly doing scores for animated movies. It would be pretty much my dream to study music someday but the financial requirements for that are just too heavy. Some of my biggest influences are Alan Menken, John Williams, Mozart and John Powell.

So here's the track, mainly something I've done in my freetime to get familiar with EWQLSO PLAY. The piece was written somewhere in spring 2009, hope it's enjoyable! (Direct file upload didn't work for some reason)

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Its morning here and i took a listen to this wonderful music again and i just feel like a Disney character ready to do some work! people should listen to this instead of having a coffee in the morning :)

Go denny!
Thanks a bunch Sherief, it's a lot more healthy I guess! Gotta admit that I had a lot of Disney in mind when I was writing this. :)
Why would you want to want to study music/orchestration when you have so much skill in this area? ;) Don't waste time for it now, all you can do is constantly do music and upgrade skills by making constantly new stuff.

About the tune - it really is great, rich and clean orchestration. Nice use of reverb.
You keep listener interested. I was. :)

Keep up the good work!

this is really really good man,, well done- not much i can!

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