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Good afternoon for everybody. I know I said I will compose the fugue, but I didn't find the theme(in fact, I usually can't do it). Then, I wrote the "Marche Pontificale"(do not say that Widor has it, I've seen anything like that by other composers like my first teacher:) ). It has two parts- Andantino and Grave. Second part is too small cause it should complete this composition. 

P.S. you can also give me a thick ears you can also express your toughts about this thing

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Raymond Kemp said:

You will get a thick ear for liking your own tune :)

Forgive me for thinking these double struck keyed chords you've included will not work well on most pipe organs I've played (badly) and I've murdered many from universities to cathedrals.


Thank you for this comment, so I should write something other:) What is the basic organ composition skills? I've never played the organ(only with one midi keyboard),but I've seen lots of pieses (like Bach's and Widor's), so I would know more about it. So, I know that the final chord was in 5 octaves, but I did it cause I had to get that ''organ sound' only. If it's a coupler (for example Dos=>Grand Clavier 8',16' ,(32)'(registration), then we don't have problems:) I think, 'that' organ sound comes cause the registration(like pleno and tutti) and the couplers,- I have seen lots of pieses for this, 4example Bach's BWV 565, Widor's Mattheus finale and the Marche pontificale... can you help me to get it even better?
P.S. I'm sorry for my English, it is not my natibe language- now I'm going to get the FCE only:(

Raymond Kemp said:

Let me admit, my organ playing has been in empty halls and churches while I visited to worked on them behind the console :)

My comment wasn't about registers or couplers but about delay and lacking attack from key press to sounding. Twelve bar blues tunes always dragged :)

I did say empty but I could have meant emptied :)

Stan, apologies for my dry humour.


Thank you for this, your humour is not that dry:) Lascirate ogni speranza, yeah.. So, the's a problem with delay. I'm 13 only, so I do not have a technical skills to play it, but sometimes Hauptwerk VPO is my best friend:) But if I will perform it using the HVPO(with delay), will it be better, what can you say?

Stan is either quite precocious, or things are not what they seem.

Not sure who this danillo chompor is, a search turned up weird things, mostly in Spanish. But yes, you have applied the perfect usage of the hammer upon the nailhead here, Kristofer. Are you sure that linguistics is not your proper calling?

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