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Hi, Guys!

I am a composer and recently, since 2 years ago, I started composing film music and, in the same, participating to all kinds of competition. But I must admit that I do not know exactly what „mock-up music” means. I enrolled into a competition and the mock up is one of the requirements. If you could explain me like for babies, I would more than grateful :))))). The deadline is on 31of May. 

Thank you very very much!

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If you write music on your computer, a mock up would be a file (mp3 or wav.) of your music created by your software( DAW or notation software).

If you write on paper, it would be a live recording of your music.

Good luck.

To me it means putting together a rendering on a DAW (or recording device(s) to sound as close as possible to live performance of a composition (or at least a more polished performance of an electronic / electro-acoustic work).. 

For an example you could do a mock up of an orchestral piece on a synthesiser. It'll give some idea of what the work sounds like even though in this case it probably wouldn't sound like an orchestra. 

Oh, thank you so very much, guys, I tought about that, but I wasn't sure! Once again, thank you, I am grateful for helping me clear my mind with this idea. Good luck to you too!

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