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Mist for Solo Alto Flute

I've previously posted a slightly different version of this for solo standard flute.

The audio file was generated with software as a demo.

Audio file attached and also available at SoundCloud Mist for Solo Alto Flute  and YouTube Mist for Solo Alto Flute.


Please note that while this composition is based on a traditional melody in the public domain, my adaptation is an original creative work under copyright. For performance permission, please see my permissions page.

 I generally don't post scores to my compositions since many of them are offered for sale through web sites, and it would be inappropriate for there also to be free copies elsewhere on the internet. I'll be glad to email a pdf attachment of this score for private evaluation without charge to any member of this forum on request via private message.

Image:  Print from the series Streaked Mist by Ikeda Shōen

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Hi Jon,

Beautiful flute work! Nice sound, but a bit boring vibrato.

What I miss most here is the natural dynamic flow of the flute tone (and the piece as a whole). You mainly use the volume slider to build a little expression. However, a flute has a very different sound when playing pp or ff. (Other velocity crossfade where velocity and dynamic layers cross or com together).  I do realize that not all libraries provide the ability to do this, so your pice offers more in reality than meats the ear here. I hope it will be performed live sometime.

Well done,


Thanks for the comments, which I'll keep in mind. I am always revising.

Maybe I should repeat though what I've said in this forum before: my compositions are not meant to be computer music but are intended for performance by actual humanoid entities, the computer generated audio file being just a demo to help imagine what a performance would sound like.  If I understand your comments, I think some of your reservations about the piece could be corrected by a good flutist.

(The dynamics continually going from soft to loud and back are meant to help create a misty feeling, but the volume controls on the software I was using didn't seem to work well in this piece.)

Yes, Jon, I remember you saying that before. That's why I emphasized that a good flute player could make an intriguing performance of the piece. The dynamics don't work so well here (too artificial). 


Interesting work.

I really miss the human touch (better, the breath) of an actual performance here.

What a lovely instrument the alto flute is!


Thanks for the comment.  Yes, the alto flute is wonderful, and should be composed for more.

Fabio Biolcati said:

Interesting work.

I really miss the human touch (better, the breath) of an actual performance here.

What a lovely instrument the alto flute is!


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