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Does anyone have any thoughts on how Virtual Soundstage compares with Vienna's MIR? They both are ways of giving your music more depth, by situating the players in two dimensions, rather than just left-right. However, MIR costs around 500.00 (US) while VS goes for just 99.00. With so many ways to spend your money in the never-ending quest for better sound, I would love to spend 99 vs. 500.00.

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MIR is amazing if you use mostly VSL stuff or dry instruments, but you need a very good CPU to handle that. With Virtual Soundstage you have also presets for many "ambient" libraries (with the sound of the room, like Spitfire or EW gold stuff). People who bought Virutal Soundstage seem to be really happy with it.

I have Virtual Sound stage and use it a lot with EWQLSO, I find it extremely useful for placing my instruments within a "3D stage" environment and really don't agree with Raymond that it's a total waste of money.

Yes you still need to understand how to properly balance the instruments within an orchestral setting and how to mix and EQ properly to get the best out of it, but the ER's and "air absoption" feature do take a lot of the initial drudgery/legwork out setting that all up.

I have no experience with MIR at all so can't comment on that.

Thanks to the prompt replies folks. So, MIR is out until I get a new computer. That leaves Virtual Soundstage. I appreciate what Ray says about the complexity of mixing, he is far beyond my mediocrity at this. But, I will think about getting VS. If nothing else, it should help me learn something about mixing, and I have a lot to learn there!

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