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Hi dear composers! Good night!

I just wanna share with you this compositions, just using electric guitar as sound source.
The first and second are really simple, and unidimensional, just working with chords (yes, is

a major second tuning) from different density levels, or degrees and some modulation things appearing in some very specific points. The reverberation level is always the same... (all ocurr on the same space).
The third miniature have 6 layers (tracks) and I've worked with precise pans, volume controls,

lreverb levels (size of the room), number of voices on chorus effect, in a contrapontistic fashion.

I can post some prints from Reaper, showing the Trim lines, if you want.
I'm new in electroacoustic music, so I'm curious to receive some feedback from other composers!

Thank you for sharing your impressions!

Apologize my english! hehe

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Yes it is about that, but you've missed the really best bit. It liberates you, there is no place you can't go to hunt for nuggets and as a result you can discern many options to explore and either keep or discard. It really is invigorating when it all comes together. Of course you are right, what comes together might be a pile of crap, but it's a kind of nightmarish fun getting there.


Don't confuse differences of opinion about aesthetics and practice with anything other than what they are. You're offended by what exactly? 

Mike, true. Funny!!

I forgot the caveat to "It is obvious that one, simply, and because of formal training cannot guarantee that their next piece will be a compelling piece of art" -- unless you are Vivaldi  - 400 concertos… Stravinsky when asked about them (Vivaldi's), said Antonio had only 2  :)


Don't confuse differences of opinion about aesthetics and practice with anything other than what they are. You're offended by what exactly?

Hi MIke--not confusing ANYTHING here which is why I quote whats been said,  verbatim, and explained so as NOT to confuse anything .

And Mike--I dont know how to say this again--please give it a rest, and read and reread my replies..Ive more than quoted and explained whats been said verbatim ALREADY too many times yet you persist in asking the same already answered questions. For what end I dont know, but it really is wearing thin. Thank you.

Thanks Bob


ha true.

You know I always bang on and defend technique and probably come across as a right old tosser, but I know how it improves your work. If just one composer reading these boards decides to put his head down and study, either in Bobs' way or mine, then all the aggro will have been worth it.

But as the man said, no guarantees of a masterpiece, but you can encourage one in with a lovely warm bed and some nice clothes to wear. 


OK lets beg to differ totally...

"lovely warm bed and some nice clothes to wear."  well, this somewhat like how i characterize all the pieces i have loved - and hang around while i write..  (maybe it's a warm bed… and a beckoning  hand :)

steady Gx this is a obviously a polite and courteous forum, that beckoning hand in bed is a  troubling development....


OK lets beg to differ totally...

Agreed--enjoy your day Mike:)

Thanks Bob

"troubling development…"   hahaha

Love you guys!!

hahahah Dave.. I'm sorry about your negative impressions about everything.

I really enjoy intelligent people debating. I love that. Take as you want.

I don't enjoy ignorance and lack of reading and understanding, and I made that very clear.

Please stop your attacks. I'm not against anybody here, (nor you, man) come on.
Do you really think other people's impressions hurt me? I'm 32 years old man, give me a break.

Ignorance is lack of knowledge. Just that. Take it easy. 

Count how many times I answer: "that's ok". Or, call my music as you want, I don't care about that.
You are tottally wrong about me.

Just because I defend my position just like you or any other here don't makes me
the bad people you are trying to say I am. 
Just stop your provocations. My patience is not infinite as your negativeness.

I'm done, Dave. Seriously. I'm working a lot in these days, I've said everything I want to explain my music. There's one single thing that I can do, beyond that? 

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