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Hi all,

So i'm not a master pianist, but I'd like to record with my midi-enabled keyboard here sometime, or even use it to notate into Finale, however i bought like, a $2 midi-cable that worked for about a week, and has yet to work again.

I was approached by my father asking what I wanted for my birthday and I had no answer, It has dawned on me that a new midi-cable is a must! However, I can't seem to find any good reviews or help on what brand/kind I should get?

I know many of you all out there use Midi keyboards to write your music, what brands do you all use or have used in the past that worked very well? What are some features I should look out for to get the most efficient use out of it?

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There are indeed many, and since so much MIDI is now done over the LAN and not with bulky cables, the times have changed, but fear not there are plenty of midi interfaces. One thing to consider is that most sound interfaces these days have a MIDI i/o port or two, so maybe if its your birthday and pappa is feeling rich you might ask for some kind of audio interface rather than a strictly MIDI one. I use MOTU interfaces for audio and MIDI (MOTU 2408 MKIII's and MOTU MTP A/V's) the MTP A/V is a pure midi interface and its going to be way way overkill for a single keyboard (its 8 in 8 out). I also use RME Hammerfall cards on my non-Mac machines, which are all TOP notch on quality and reliability. The other thing I have is an M-Audio Mbox 2, but I dont recommend it, it will only work with Pro Tools and its not that great of an interface. For pure midi only, I have an EMU 4X4 box which is super cheap and works just fine.

WHat I would do is go to and peruse the various midi and audio/midi interfaces, priceranges and features. Dream of what you want it to do and see how much they are. But you can easily get a decent sound card with at least stereo I/O and a single or double MIDI I/O for probably a hundred bucks or a buck fifty. So do some research, think about what you want/ need and then post back and Ill help you narrow down your choices
Ray -

its funny you posted that, i read the reviews on Phillip's suggestion and found that i would most likley expirience problems as I have a yamaha keyboard. The reviews on the E-MU were all good though, and I had bookmarked it just before you posted that link!

Thanks ;D!
Yea go with EMU over M-Audio for sure
Are you sure you want MIDI to USB cable? My Yamaha S90ES has pure USB connection and I do not need MIDI to USB cable. Just a USB MIDI driver downloaded from Yamaha working with pure USB connection.

I use the simplest possible cable for connectionm, just like a printer cable:
Of course, if you need Audio (not only MIDI) connection, you should do what Chris or Phillip recommend. In my rig I apply a separate cable for transferring audio from Yamaha to the soundcard (M-Audio Delta), and this is probably not the best configuration. I do not experience problems with it, but it's 2 cables instead of one.

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