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Hello everyone,

          My name is Michael Hamby, I have been composing for a few years. I went to school for Music Production and now hold a bachelors degree. I'm still considerably new to the music scene, I have only just figured out how to release music to the major streaming services about 6 months ago. I have seen a considerable amount of success. I hope to be of help to fellow composers, as I hope to receive help as well. Thank you for the invite to this wonderful forum, I really enjoyed listening to many of your new compositions already, now I can actually comment on them.

Artist: Opus Overtone





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Welcome and thanks for sharing you music.

Since you probably can't produce a score, I need to ask a few questions.

First of all I like your themes and general treatment of them.

It seems like piano and a few solo strings under it. By the 1 minute mark I might have liked to hear a bit more movement in the accompaniment. At the two minute mark you add more instruments. But now there is a slight balance problem made more obvious by the texture change at 2:43. This switch to a very lovely full orchestra doesn't seem loud enough. Consider less accompaniment volume at the beginning. Yes, a full orchestra can play very soft, but this spot is not the time to hold back. Let the addition of instruments take care of volume and balance. Make the piano louder to interact with the full orchestra. A timpani roll might be nice here.

The forte at 3:56 is either too abrupt or at the wrong place in the phrase.

These are very small things that might be taken care of by a real orchestra. If your goal is a digital file, then at least consider them.

But nice over all.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the feedback, I actually have a score for this all written up in Sibelius. This was my final project for school, and unfortunately its already been released. I wish I had your feedback on this before hand but I only just discovered this forum a couple weeks ago. I am going to more live orchestral performances to tune my ears better and your feedback is great to apply to my future compositions. I wish I had an orchestra at my disposal, to see what works and what doesn't, but once its released there is no going back unfortunately. Again, thank you for the helpful feedback and its nice to meet you Bob Porter!

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum!


More of my songs :)

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