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Would any of you composers know how to set up a mic tree? I may need to do some of my own recording coming up for the new film I'm working on and have not set up a mic tree myself before.
What types of mics to use, placement of mics on mic tree and placement of mic tree itself; these are some of the questions I have.


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What kind of room do you have to work with? Unless you have a large, acoustically sound room, trees wont help as the idea of a tree is to record room sound refractions with your main sound (i.e. recording at a distance).

What kind of instrumentation are you wanting to record? Chamber group? Orchestra? Choir? Soloists? Rock Band? etc etc. Need lots more details to give mic type and placement suggestions
Well, I have access to my church, which is now one of the locations considered to host the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, while they upgrade the Boettcher Concert Hall. I don't know if they will get it, but it shows how decent the church is. As for players, they may range from a full choir to a medium sized (80 person) orchestra. Most likely I will overdub and keep the tree locked, while I move players around and just use strings and some brass. If all goes well, I may try to do more recordings there, but well see. Right now I'd like to see what I would need to get started in case I have to pop in there and record people right away.

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