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Hi here is my mix styles of music an FX for a 3d animation videoclip:


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that is really really good! the music fits the animation seamlessly! the styles of music you chose were perfect for the different sequences...the gentle piano,, the big band,, the orff classical...the rock... flowing from one to the next perfectly.... impressive! no criticism for you today.. just a well done! :)
Thank you!!
I totally agree, it was great.
Impressive indeed.
Very well done!
But your name is spelled incorrectly on the page linked on your post.
Thank you very much Thomas :-) !!

LLuis it´s corrects too :-), my name Catalan language is LLuis, the pronunciation it´s +/- "yuís" , I´m from Catalonia.

Luis it´s a Masculine name of Germanic origin used in France, Spain, Italy...a very common name :-)


Lluis or Luis ;-)

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