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March to Glory - Extended Version (Rearranged) - "Marcha para a Glória"

Hello composers, I am new here!

First, thanks for listening to my work! =)

I rearranged previous work... (In the second video below)

[Edited December 16, 2009]

- OLD VERSION (November 11, 2009):

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the comment, Roger!

Roger Noren said:
Hi Arthur,

Nice work you have here! I hear some Zimmer influenses, but it sounds as you have created an own style. I really like the boy's choir and the glockenspiel. It is very epic and would fit in to many film genres as music score.

To listen to it without having a film lo look at, it becomes a bit uniform after a while. There could perhaps be some more variations in the chord progression, in a less predictable way. There are dynamic variations, but I would like some even more contrasts.

What strucks me while listen to this piece is that you put a great effort in controlling velocity levels etc, it sounds very natural.

Well done.


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