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Making international connections: St. Petersburg - Europe/USA

Hello everybody on this exciting forum!

I just joined and am eager to make new contacts internationally! I live in St. Petersburg where I am currently working on my second symphony, which is being written in a neo-classical style, reminding me of the later music of Prokofiev or Mussorgsky - which are part of my native roots. However, I feel I lack some feedback and inspiration from my international brothers composers. Therefore I write here now to get some feedback on my music. I would also love to comment and discuss on the music you are writing. Below I add part of the first movement, an audio-excerpt of the music I have written so far on the symphony - listen, enjoy and write a line or two on what you think!



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Thank you for your words to St. Petersburg! This is an amazingly beautiful city with a rich history. If you're here once again, we will be able to meet, and I'm happy to talk to you.

I respect Vainberg, he really is the representative of the Russian composer school of the 20th century.

Write when you'll listen to my symphony. Your opinion is interesting to me.

Ondib Olmnilnlolm said:

I will listen to your work, which I have bookmarked.

I am glad that a composer from that bastion of high culture, St. Petersburg, has sought to connect with composers on this forum. ( I visited that city for several days, before the collapse of the USSR, when it was called "Leningrad," and was amazed at the sounds that just came out of the windows at the conservatory, where I walked around for some time).

I am currently listening to music by Моисей Самуилович Вайнберг ([Mieczysław] Wajnberg), a devotee of the "Petersburg School." I wonder what you think of Vainberg.  Right now I have on his symphony 5, just for enjoyment, and to examine his relationship stylistically to Shostakovich.  I am a great admirer of both Prokofiev and Shostakovich, who I personally consider to be the greatest of the early and mid twentieth century composers. 

I look forward to hearing your work.

Welcome to the forum

Да здравствует русская душа!

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