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I wrote this piece a few years back, and I haven't been on this site in a long time. I am looking for serious feedback on this piece. I have the score as well, but I thought posting the soundcloud link would be a good start.  Thanks. Matthew Pelandini

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Hi Matthew, an interesting piece which kept my attention throughout. Well composed and played and recorded with polish. A score would be interesting to see. Well done, and thanks for sharing!


Here is my type-as-I-listen review. Hopefully you can make sense of this when all's said and done!

The opening is... mystical comes to mind. Reminds me of Native American spiritism. I like the quick pickup @0:45 with the xylophone (or marimba—not great at telling percussion instruments apart). Oh, the ritard. at 1:20 was nice! I'm liking this ostinato-type rhythm with the marimba as the xylophone interplays with the snare. I can tell the piece is gradually gaining momentum. Nice work easing us into that!

@2:20 and we're getting slowly louder and more "chaotic." I like the snare rhythm here, kind of reminds me of Ravel's Bolero. Ah, the explosion and sudden dim. @2:52 is quite tasteful. I love the colors and textures provided by the various percussion instruments. Nothing is too in-your-face. It's like an aristocrat's drumline! I love the sound @4:10ish. Sounds like a water drop (not sure what instrument it is). Very satisfying noise, though. :)

Oh, @4:42 we're back to the marimba ostinato theme. Nice! I'm enjoying hearing all the instruments coming together @5:15ish and the sudden crash @5:50 to end the piece is great!

I really liked what you did here. Many percussion-only ensembles pieces that I listen to sound like pure chaos. This one had quite a bit of thought and care infused in it, which I find extremely praiseworthy.

Great job, thanks for sharing!

It creates enormous tension throughout. I can nearly see the madness coming closer with every measure. Good work!

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