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Hi there guys. This is the first piece I would like to share with you.

It's kinda like a Waltz I guess. It is very repetitive and the Piano is very boring.

I definitely need to make a few changes.

It would be great to read what you guys think about this.

Thanks for listening.

PS:I got the sheet music here as well for you guys.

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Well, I don't feel it is very waltz-like. It's in 3/4 time, but that doesn't make it a waltz. Waltzes have a characteristic rhythmic feel to them, a kind of impelling of the dancer forward. As well as a certain swing. It is a dance form, after all.

Nevertheless, this is pleasant enough to listen to. Monotony is not in itself a bad thing, but rather an effect to be employed where suitable. A lullaby is one situation where it works. I think you have a nice foundation here on which to build. The little hints of strings you have on the third beat are nice, and suggest that some more complex background of this sort would be very effective.

I would keep working on this. The harmonic progression, while certainly not strikingly original, does hold the piece together well. It has integrity. All it needs now is some thoughtful elaboration. Expand out the strings, maybe even transfer the melody to them at some point. Perhaps some counterpoint. A secondary melody. Many possibilities.

You have made a good start, now make it really go somewhere!

I totally agree with michael, I second what he said, I think this has integrity, I think it is boring in a good sense, not that kind of sense that urge you to stop listening to the piece, all it needs is some thoughtful elaboration as michael said, definitely expanding the strings may be, or adding secondary melodies would take it to the next level, also a call and response may be, I would definitely keep working on this :) 

I agree again with michael, it's a good start, now make it really go somewhere :) 

I was about to pop off to slumberland and decided to try it out. As others have said - it's pleasant, soothing and dare I say it? Soporific. So it works. But it left me awake enough to pass a comment. 

Very nice.  It flows.

I certainly do not get to sleep when listening to this music. It is interesting and engaging, there are small events happening all the way. I like it a lot. Well done, Marcel.


Thanks for the nice comments guys.

It really motivates me to read your comments and see all the possibilities that I have for this piece and how I can improve on it.

I am definitely going to continue working on it. I will play around with some counterpoint and also make the chords a little bit more spread and not so repetitive. Adding a second melody is also a very good idea.
The Piano chords are also something big that I have to change. The chords are too close together and I think it would sound a bit better if I spread it out a bit.

Again, thanks for the feedback and suggestions guys.

As soon as I finish my current piece I will polish this one.

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