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I featured a member of this forum on the Main page, Matthew Bennett. He was my friend. I met him last year-- turns out, these were the days that those already closest to him were losing him to drugs. I suspected as much, but did not intervene. Matthew worked for me for a very short time. I sensed a huge trouble in him, and as I got to know him better, I discovered that music and poetry seemed to lift some of the burden he was carrying. I felt like I found who he was, and I liked him for it.
Matthew was killed last night during a home invasion. He was one of the invaders. It was a violent end.

I would like to keep his page, and for a short time, feature it on the main page in memory of the man his family lost to drugs a little over a year ago.

I do this only with your support. The Composer's Forum is your forum. Should there be any protests here, I will arrange for the cancellation of the feature and the removal of his page from the forum altogether.

Here are the details of his crime:

Here is who Matthew was:

I ask you to weigh in, if you like.

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much much sadness. Sorry Ed and Chris and all you Knoxville gang who knew Matt. I never conversed with him, but I feel for his situation. My baby brother got messed up with crack in a bad way and spent a year in jail for stealing a womans purse. He also stole all of my mothers jewelry, electronics, etc. Several times. And I am sure its just a touch of the things he has been through to score more crack. Its just amazing what changes drugs can bring in to you life. No I dont mean marijuana I mean crack, heroin, the hard stuff. I only wish there was a way out that wasnt so painful for the folks that get trapped. Again I am sorry to hear about Matt, I only wish I had a chance to know him a little bit while he was around. My thoughts and prayers to his family.
The real reason we're in Afghanistan is to prop up the trade in heroin that the Taliban stopped. Drug money finds its way into the US banking system and Wall Street to the sum of billions of dollars a year.

There are always poor sods at the end of the chain who suffer...this seems to be one example.

I also believe that 911 was deliberately orchestrated to allow this to happen, and of course they were after the oil in the Caspian Sea..but you won't read about this in your newspapers...I wonder why ?
It's good to remember the friends we have when they are no longer around, a sad end I guess his light was too bright to survive..
Just to be sure:

This ISN'T the composer Matthew Bennett I worked with in Seattle a few years ago on my first CD ?

There was nothing in the article of his background, so I cant be sure.

I guess I'll send the "Seattle Matt" and e mail and se if he answers it .

Aside from that, my regrets for the loss of your friend.

Phil Kelly

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