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Thank you very much for your words. I have completed an (artificial) live concert of other compositions which is titled: How To Fly A Rocket Ship While Playing Piano Without Hitting The Moon.

I would love to send you a CD of this, and all I need is an address to ship it.
I have no need for money for the work, So if you would give me a mailing address I will package one for you. Please write to me at or and I will take care of the rest.

Sincerely, great thanks for your liking such music.
Wesley L. Curry II

Justin E. Link said:

Excellent. I would purchase this IF you just get the tone better perhaps playing with greater dynamics and sustain, but the composition is beautiful I especially like the beginning. Great work. 

Johan, thank you for your reply.  I compose almost exclusively using improvisation.  And I really need to get into the habit of scoring manuscripts.  I will make an effort to do this with any pieces I post on CF from now on.

What kind of Sushi do you like?


Johan Roeraade said:

You asked for hard critisism, so I have one additional comment. Why is there no score? It is difficult to provide you with a serious critisim for this kind of music, if there is no score.

Regards, Johan

Consider the last Note in the Eb Waltz dropped. A perfect solution, and an excellent suggestion.

It is like whiskey and honey, they are both the same color, but without that bass note, it becomes more like honey.


Ondib, please replace your post with English or delete as you prefer

Hello, Gav.

You said, “please replace your post with English or delete as you prefer.”

How about my deleting the post, as I just did, and then reposting it with the French, and an English translation?

Some things are just best said in certain languages, I think. I hope you don’t mind.


Je ne veux pas provoquer ou stimuler le chauvinisme ou le nationalisme, bien sûr. J'adore Poulenc, Satie et Honegger, et j'aime Scarlatti, très bien aussi. J'aime chacun d'eux. (Je suis désolé; je ne peux dire rien en faveur de Chopin. Il est trop sentimentale ou trop une partie du «spectacle» à mon goût).
Aussi amicalment et avec respect,
O. O.

ENGLISH translation:

I do not want to provoke or stimulate chauvinism or nationalism, of course. I love Poulenc, Satie and Honegger, and I like Scarlatti, also very much. I love all of them. (I'm sorry I cannot say anything in favor of Chopin. He is too sentimental, or too much part of the "show" [the “spectacle,” in Guy DeBord’s sense of the spectacle] for my taste.).

amiably and with respect,


Thanks, Ondib! Kris, the same please

Hard criticism. Can't come up with something of the hardness you require. ;)

The arpeggios flows well, but could be bettered in some instances.

I liked the piece, it was interesting throughout.

Chopin is close to this, but not completely. It is too much improvisation perhaps, that makes me think Chopin would have strictly forbidden some passages.

Good work.,

All you write I comprehend as Norwegian or Icelandic.. Luckily it translates on google translates if you choose Scottish, 

The scores are all written in italian.

Bob Porter said:

I agree that certain languages say certain things better that English. But those of us who only speak English (and not all that well, in my case) are obviously left out when some other language is used. Please share with the whole class. Now there are people for whom English is a bit of a struggle. If they can be replied to in their language, that would be great as long as there is also an English translation.

As far as a score goes. I kind of gave up on posting a score, though I will if needed. My scores are marked (or not) in such a manner as to get my software to play the music the way I want, not for real players. People spend too much time analyzing the incorrect score and not the music.  

People seem to have strong feelings on this language question, about when and in what circumstances you can speak in a foreign language. Listen up, amigos. It’s common sense. Foreign language sentences and phrases should be translated into English.

Victor Medrum said,

“This is too funny and I'll probably get banned for saying so.
c'est la vie.”

That’s French, that last phrase is in French, and it should be translated into English.

I think it means, "that is the life."

Kristofer said, after being asked to translate his German phrases into English:

“OK Gavin, as you wish..
Yeah, on English, or on again-to-see, your choice!”

That’s better. It needs to be in English people.

As you may have already heard, and as a famous writer once said,

“Þa wæs Hroðgare heresped gyfen, wiges weorðmynd, þæt him his winemagas georne hyrdon, oðð þæt seo geogod geweox, magodriht micel. Him on mod be-arn, þæt healreced hatan wolde, medoærn micel men gewyrceanþonne yldo bearn æfre gefrunon, ond þær on innan eall gedælan geongum ond ealdum, swylc him God sealed buton folcscare ond feorum gumena. Da ic wide gefrægnweorc gebannan manigre mægþe geond þisne middangeard…”

Take that to heart. (And don’t worry if you don’t understand it. It doesn’t need to be translated, because we only need to translate sentences and foreign language phrases INTO English. The above is already in English. It’s in OLD English.)

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