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Good evening fellow musicians, I'm opening this discussion asking for help, hoping that this is the right subforum to post in.
I am looking for poetry (German) to write a lied to, the problem is, I'm pretty ignorant and my online search attempts didn't find anything useful... I'm looking for very melancholic and desperate Lyrics, not too modern tho..(For example I really like the lyrics in Mahler's Kindertotenlieder)

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Two names found in this list were mentioned above, and it should hopefully serve well to find what you're looking for.

Germany: Heinrich Heine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Novalis, Friedrich Hölderlin, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Clemens Brentano, Joseph von Eichendorff, Achim von Arnim


Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg):

Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin

Hope this helps!

Thanks Bob

I write a lot of verse in English and Greek (and occasionally in Italian), German I cannot handle, though plenty of my heroes are Germanic in character (or at least Gothic) and most of it is about romance. I don’t have time to set all that stuff to music, although that is exactly why I write it, so I am also looking for other people who compose vocal pieces.  If you ever need something in English send me a pm and I'll respond.

All the best.

btw, Nice town Udine! I only passed from there once, years ago, and I liked very much the food and the grapa! :-)

thank you all for your suggestions and your time, I will search and hope to find something that inspires me, I hoope to be back soon with some music to share, till then have a good time!

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