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Hey guys, 

i just finished my BA of Science in Music Production and during this 5 years i composed quite a lot of music. I also managed to create a website with a quite detailed portfolio of my work:

Now i'm sitting here, thinking about my further steps. I thought about something like "i'll use the next 5 years, trying to take part in as much projects in film, trailer, corporate and game music as possible - and hopefully i'm able to establish myself quite a bit as a freelance composer." 

But right now I'm not sure what exactly to do. 

It feels like that i contacted every game studio i found on steam, promoted myself in every relevant forum and even uploaded my music to some sites like audiojungle. 

There are a few people that want me to work for their games and films indeed, 

but i alwas feel like "i have to do more. there must be more ways to make the people know that i exist". 

I mainly think about other possible ways to earn jobs at these days of panic, while thinking about my future. It's an up and down every day and night literally.

So my question is: Have you guys any advices for me how to make the people know that i exist? Any lists of indie game/film studios i dont know yet? Maybe i should contact some sort of "publishers" for film/game music? Some big companies that convey composers? Or even any "new" ways to create possibilities of earning some money?

I'd be happy about any advice, because while researching during the last weeks it kinda feels like my head is imploding while i'm quite sure that the way i'm trying it right now is way to random somehow. 

As i said, i dream of composing for film and games mainly, but right now i'd do literally anything. 

I composed for theatre, commercials, short films and games - but still it doesnt feel like i'm doing the right steps. 

Please excuse my weak english - i hope i was able to explain myself. 

Have a great day, 

tobi weiss

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And, it's not always what you know (or how good you are), but who you know. Endless  "pounding on doors".

I see you have both a Soundcloud and FB account..I would use them a lot more, and other social media sites to get your name and music better known

On FB there are very many groups to join where you can post your music, and listen to others. Join as many of these groups as you can and make friends with any and all whose music you like, or who can help with you getting better known.

Post your music and comment kindly and constructively  on others works. When you sign your name, also add a link to your music

This wisely using FB to me  is the most important way to network. Also Twiiter, etc.

Also on Souncloud follow anyone whose music you like, working toward the same goals etc. Keep perfecting your craft, strive to be original to some degree, and believe in yourself. Study scores on Youtube, etc

Learn the names of the heavy hitters in your field, and search them out--follow them on FB, and try to be friends with them.

Hope some of this helps and good luck with this:)

Thanks Bob

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