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Hi all, new around here but looking for some feedback on a current project. A viola concerto based on the story of Noah. Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Hi Mike

Hard to know what to say. Any particular aspect of the music you want feedback about? This is your artistic vision and one can not really say much about someone elses vision besides if it speaks to you or not. All in all I liked this on a fellow composers level, though I thought it was a bit too busy at some of the denser spots. A piece like this really must be considered in its rightful context. Have you published the other movements too?

Hi Lennart, most of my prior work is smaller in nature (chamber works) this is my first foray into something bigger. I'm trying to make sure it doesn't come across as too ham-fisted. The other movements are under progress or are planned. The overall arc of the piece will be five movements movement 2 is making the ark. Mvt 3 will be the gathering of the animals. Mvt 4 is the flood itself and the final mvt will be a benedictory chorale-esque ending. I have significant portions of movement 4 done and portions of movement 2. Hopefully, if all goes well I expect to have finished all of the movements shortly after the new year. I will post more as it is available. Thanks for listening!

You can probably count on it taking longer than that. There are always things that need fixing when you are begining to think the end is near. What software have you been working in?

I have been working with Musescore. It works well enoug for my needs although the midi output is not the greatest. I'm sure your probably right about the time frame but one can hope...

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