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I've been composing on Sibelius for a few years now, and I want to get a more professional-sounding demos of my scores. I'm going to need to upgrade my computer, monitors (probably most inportant)and settle on a sequencer and sound libraries. I have Reaper right now that I'm exploring, but I'm willing to upgrade if needed. I'd like to be able to export my scores from Sibelius as a MIDI file into a sequencer and go from there.


I'm willing to invest some money in new equipment and software. The problem is that I have so many questions about how to go about doing this, so I'd like to talk to a human salesperson rather than ordering equipment over the internet, even if this means that I have to pay more for the advice. Unfortunately, I live in Potsdam, NY, pretty far away from any cities. I'm about 90 minutes from Ottawa, CA,  2 1/2 hrs. from Syarcuse, NY and 3 hrs. from Burlington, VT. I'd be willing to travel to any of there places if anyone can recommend a good computer store with expertise in digital music production. Failing this, I'd even consider making an overnight trip to the NYC area, but my first preference would be Ottawa, which is the closest major city to Potsdam, then Syracus or Burlington.


Can anyone recommend a good dealer in any of these cities, one that would be willing to take a little time to help me select the right computer and monitors? And if they also have sequencers and/or instrument libraries, that would be a bonus. Thanks for any suggestions that you can offer.

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Thank you Ray and Chris for your very helpful advice.

Ray, I plan to use a desktop, not a laptop. I know that one of the most crucial requirements is uncolored speakers/monitors. Do I need an external amp or pre-amp or can I just plug them into a sound card output?


I know much, if not most, film and t.v. scoring is done with virtual instruments. I've even stumbled across some YouTube videos of film composers working. I'd like to be able to come up with demos good enough to submit to music libraries and t.v./movie producers for consideration. If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting that I compose directly into the sequencer via a MIDI keyboard and not worry about Sibelius unless I want to adapt my music for traditional instruments. Is this correct? One of the biggest issues that I have with trying to compose directly from my keyboard is latency, but I assume if I upgrade to a more powerful computer (and know how to set and adjust everything properly), then I should be able to address this pretty easily.


Chris, Sweetwater is a great suggestion. I've heard a lot of good things about them, but I've been reluctant to order equipment over the internet because I have so many questions. So you assurance that Ted would be willing to help me makes me more confident about working with them. If I call Ted, can I say that you referred me?


Thanks again for your advice.

This is amazingly helpful. Thanks, Ray.

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