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I'm looking for a music composition program that let's me make music with the exact pitches that I set. I am not going to be playing in any known musical scales so the frequencies aren't the frequencies used on the standard piano set up.
Any suggestions? As of now, I only have NCH Tone Generator which, at most, just generates a chord. I need something like this but with the composition power like that in Sibelius or Finale.

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I meant, for example, C note can be 523.251 Hz  and A note can be 440 Hz. However, my "C" note is more like 521.528391. That's why Sibelius won't work for what I'm trying to do. Not only are my frequencies different, but the musical intervals are also very different (C-[note between D# and E]) which cannot be played on the piano.

I do not think I am even working in a scale. I am really treading on the unknown. Everything works differently. Chords are turning from Major to minor and to diminished chords just by mere conversions. The chords may not even be a major or minor chord; and perhaps, the relationship between my chords just create the illusion of major/minor chords from "neutral" chords. I think what I'm doing is like optical illusion but in music, everything just seems so uncertain and like illusions.


I tried that website before but I'm looking for something that can compose a music file; and preferably, can generate a midi file.

I think you want an arpeggiator  - there are available in many plugins as for pitches a lot of samplers such as Kontakt allow you to change pitches you might need a sequencer to host these things (maybe one with a score editor)   check out KVR

not sure i know of a specific program to help you, but your quest seems fascinating! would love to hear what you can come up with

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