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Here's an example of "found" music.

This is something I often do for amusement- come across something and try to find a way to turn it into a musical score.

In this instance, I traced a picture of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada's Lions Gate Bridge onto manuscript paper and literally turned the shape of the bridge into music.

You'll see this if you look at the opening of the score.

The rest of the piece is made up of elements based on this basic shape.

This is just one example of "found" music.

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Heh- I'm all about not meeting expectations, Bob :^)

It's just a transition. Very common device.

Bob Porter said:


You're right. Notation software would have a problem curving beams to look like a bridge. There are other means to do this.

The only comment I have is that the second repeated section ending with a G7 repeating back to a Bb chord wasn't satisfying to me. What I mean is, the end of a section brings about certain expectations that didn't feel meant when the section started over. Sorry I can't be any clearer than that. Maybe I just need to clean out my ears again.

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