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I made this song for fun, and later entered it in a contest for Sibelius. It's inspired by the oh-so-famous Claude Monet painting, Water Lilies. :) Sorry about the "Property of Rachelann" business, I wanted to make sure my work is safe from getting stolen :/.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!! :D first song posted, woot!


Oh and I did this project on FL Studio, I love that wonderful program o.o.

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Hi Rachel. Though I was somewhat thrown by the "Property" that you have put on it (you obviously value your work) - I can hear someone who has a natural aptitude for composition. You seemed to understand form, structure, melodic development and a tonal vernacular - so I think this would be effective in a medieval drama or some such other visual application. Its possibly a little forgettable - it wasn't until I was near the end I heard a section that showed me the composer I think you will become so I will watch with interest - well done on getting your first piece uploaded. For your next one I would love to hear a bit more experimentation.

Thank you for your feedback Jack :), I appreciate it! I'm taking my first music class in college in the spring, so maybe there I will learn to use some more experimentation and variety in my pieces. And yeah... about the property thing. XD I think next piece I upload i will drop that. I'm new in this site and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.
Thanks again for your input!!

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