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Here’s another piece I wrote on piano. Yes, it needs a vocal, but you’ll have to settle for the flute-y thing.

There’s a lot going on in places and I’m not good at measuring dB levels, clashing frequencies, and all that sort of mind numbing stuff. I just like focusing on musical elements like melodies, harmonies, dynamics and stuff. I hope you at least get the flavor of the piece.

It’s in F# minor, one of favorite melancholic keys.

I would appreciate feedback on everything from overall composition, arrangement, instrumentation, dynamics, and... *gulp*, the technical stuff like “boost the mid-range at around 20dB” (I actually just made that up and haven’t got a clue what it even means). I NEED AN ENGINEER DAMN IT! hehehe. But really, I do.



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We should really have a "Coffee House" Thread or you could call it the "Water Cooler" of similar because I really enjoy chatting with you guys. You both are great fellows!

There's only one you and that one is very unique in a good way. The world attempts to make us all "conform". 

Even so, artists tend to exhibit similar behaviors. I think I'm somewhere between analytical and free creative, I probably lean more towards the latter. This isn't to say that analytical types are not creative, but probably in a more structured way.

There seem to be all variances in between. I have never liked sports. I think the Superbowl half time show was porn lite. I frustrates me that the rest of the world looks on at us and sees this thinking this is the typical American way when it isn't. The mediocre beer commercials are enough to turn anyone off. 

We are typical "intro" types. We prefer to work alone much of the time and not be bothered. I recharge in seclusion.I won't tell my MBTI here as we are supposed to be few and far in between, and I don't think I'm "special" or "better" in any way because of it. If you are curious about your type you can go here- MBTI TEST LINK

I think I already have you both gauged pretty close which incidentally isn't my type but close. You probably already have a good idea about yourselves. 

I'm a bit of an oddball as compared to the so called "average" man my age. Always have been. That's ok. 

If you guys ever have any questions about DAW don't hesitate to shoot me a question on it. I'm not an expert but I have been at it for a long time. If I don't know the answer I can probably direct you to some one who knows.

The most difficult thing about composing for many is that to divert mental energy to DAW work distracts from the composition and theory going round' inside of your head. Once you make the composition, it seems impossible to bring it into the digital world in the right way for some. We can't all do it all :) 


Well, seeing as no real coffee is involved that would be fine with me. I actually love the smell of ground coffee beans, it’s just the taste I find bland. If I pass by a ground coffee machine in a supermarket, chances are that people will be staring at me as I wander through the isles because of the odd looking brown mess under my nose. It’s like catnip for me.

I could ask you what is an “aux send” but what’s the point as I surely wouldn’t understand the answer. I’m lucky to get any sound, at all, out of my DAW (Sonar), let alone mixing it all down to a .wav file. I’m akin to someone in an advanced calculus class having never taken the prerequisites. I’m like; “This integral you speak of, it’s just addition yes?” *laughter ensues* and then somehow I ace the test leaving my classmates bewildered.


Hey, again,

As long as Gav doesn't mind, I'll happily engage in conversation that broadens from a musical critique. Having a dialogue can be so helpful when talking about music anyway and we do get to know each other beyond the notes we write. I'd have trouble describing myself - a bit of an odd-ball I can't deny. Also not interested in sport though I do several keep fit sessions, mostly Zumba as I love Latin music but that's about personal effort and motivation.

I'm cursed with a sense of humour - seems unusual among artists and I have to take care in these politically correct days when any word can offend someone. Very much a live and let live person, me. So I hate nannying and people who go round proselytising things like vegan and climate change. Ok, they're there and I have my views but I don't want to join new religions. 

It's kind of you, Tim, to offer to explain daw/production terms should the need arise. I have some knowledge obviously but most of my electronics come from analogue. I spent some time with analogue synthesisers, voltage control and the like, built one using some now very obsolete schematics, Project 80 because it commenced as a magazine series in 1980. Something like that teaches you far more than just synthesiser electronics. Digital is ok but it's become more software than the Lego joining together of basic logic chips. As I hate that programming language C++ which is a cruel joke LOL so I won't get involved with software. 

Rick, I'm fairly useless at maths. I know that calculus is Latin for pebble, and it all started with how the Romans priced their cab fares. One of the wheels would trip a lever than dropped a pebble into a cup. At the end of the ride the cabbie counted the pebbles to calculate the charge. Not so sure about coffee. I don't drink a lot - never been to a starbucks - buy what I use from Ecuador. I absolutely hate winter and it's crossed my mind to go live there. Trouble is I can't speak Spanish other than olé which isn't much use if I want to ask where the nearest music shop is.

While here, did you think about putting a vocal to this song? I loved the one you posted here...not sure why. Some songs that touch on melancholy or protest reach some node within that nothing else does. While it in no way sounded the same, it had a similar effect to Strawberry Switchblade's "Trees and Flowers", superficially a pop song that looks back to the mid-1960s but on listening to the words...

Anyway... I'm wittering on...don't want to become insomnia treatment so..........until we all speak again.


 I seen that Gav has a humour and discussion section. Doesn't look like anyone has been around those parts for awhile. Maybe I'll just post something over there soon. This is an FYI in case you want to check it out. I intend for most of it to be useless drivel. If you go over there looking for anything useful, you might not want to bother...or alternately, if you want to post some useless drivel I might just admit to checking it out!

Rick, I don't think you give yourself enough credit. You certainly have made some decent mixes here. I have a theory that you might be the missing Beatle. There were actually 5 but one of them was really low key, tending to the chicks in the background. You might be aware that the real Paul McCartney died a long time ago and has been replaced by a clone?

Dane, that's an interesting background. I was once an "electronics technician" who worked on two way radio first and went to audio/visual work. Never built a synth but I have seen the innards of lots of audio equipment.Hooked up lots of synths though lol. Electronics hardware is now mostly surface mount technology. Built with robots and not ever intended to be serviced.That was a long time ago. I have since jumped careers. I'm glad to help if I can!

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