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Hello everybody,

It's been a while ago since I wrote this (last April, to be exactly) but I think it is time I post this.

A little background information about this lied I wrote. I was driving in my car, listening to some 'lieder' written by Mozart or so, and when I came home about half an hour later, when I parked my car, I had this tune in my head, including the text for 4 couplets. I started writing at about 10pm and finished it at 6am...

Although the text is quite depressing (Jesus, help me, I'm a sinner, I can't do it alone), I was not near suicidal when I wrote this (just saying...).

It is a 7-minute piece for church organ, trumpet, and SATB choir. It countains four couplets (the last one has a different melody, btw) and a solopart (accompanied by the organ) for the trumpet. It ends with a big 'Amen', of course, for the song ends in confindence that help will be there when asked.

I know there are quite a lot dissonants in it. That is intentional... ;)

Just one more thing: I hope you guys and girls enjoy it.

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Wow, this is quite a good theme and piece.

To be honest, most of the time it is a normal chord, third and fifth, if you look at the foot... That is how I learned it is usually done in organpieces that are not too difficult...

 About crossing SA in m56, I will take a look at that. I am finishing something and after that I will be revising some stuff.

Thanks for attending me, thanks for the advice and thanks for the compliment.

David Unger said:

I think the second inversion is ment to provoke the overtones that lie under the chord being played. Its a common technique in choral writing if there is a note thats too low for the bases to sing to have them sing the fifth in order to push down the overtone series and create an audible root of the chord. This can be done in any setting of instruments or voices if the parts are arranged in the correct order.

Thanks. :)

Mariza Costa-Cabral said:

Wow, this is quite a good theme and piece.

Later this year Iwill be revising... Wanna finish the War Symphony first, then I will go look at this again. :)

Well, it took me a while, but finally I got it done. The review of this...

What have I been doing?

1. I have cut out the third couplet, where the trumpet was going the melody line and where the choir was just humming. It is now shorted by 1m19s.

2. I have given the trumpet a more prominent role. Every couplet I let the trumpet play along with another voice (in order: bass line, alto line, tenor line, soprano line). All, except for the 'Jesus, hilf mir', where I play around with the trumpet in different chords.

3. I have changed the chords for the organ player, and I have named the chords.

4. I removed the last 3 measures.

Here's the new attachments.


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