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Hi friends and fellow composers

This my latest composition. I named it League Of The Dark Knight (a reference to batman) With this track my focus has been to get more details and variations in the instruments.


To some degree I worked with volume emvolopes on the induvidual tracks and spend more time selecting the samples.  Also the melodic textures of the strings was a focus point in this composition. All of this was done to to give the whole thing more of a real sound. Did I succeed?


I have a few minor idears for improvements myself but would love to hear your what you think.


Thanks for listening and have a great day :-)

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@Doom, thanks I sure will keep it up :-)

@Tristan, thank you so much!

@Mj One of the next tracks I will make will probably be one, where I am aming for the epic sound of Hollywood -big percussion, choirs etc. And I do agree, EWQL products are great.  


I will check out your track when I have a little more time. Have a great day!

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