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One of my assignments from a while back... I think it turned out pretty nice, even tho it wasn't exactly the most natural piece for me to write.

I had an opportunity to get this payed on a new music festival at the beginning of this.

I hope you dig it!

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updated with a recording, any thoughts?

It's not tonal, so most people here are likely to refrain from commenting :)

Works. I have a feeling the ending is a little out of place - it seems a bit too developed to serve as an actual ending, I can instead hear it developing into another section - probably the deliberate sticking to higher register has something to do with that.

The score is a mess. But that's just me, I guess. Of course it's comprehensible (though "natural vibrato" seems like an overkill to me), but you could make it look pretty as well as useful.

There's a few impossible things there and your performer found some smooth workarounds most of the time... you might want to listen to the recording a few times, closely following the score, preferably with a metronome at hand. You'll see what was changed, you can then figure why. Oh, and I don't mean him/her being out of tune half of the time :)

Henri, I really like the piece based on the recording.   It conveys some real emotion to me.   I'd agree with the others about the score... It's hard to interpret.

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