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Hello everyone,

Here's a new composition. The full title is "La ronde des vermines". The picture is also a personal creation.

Your feedback will give me the opportunity to improve… So, if you have two minutes, thank you :)

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Kjell : That's right, the "upper voice" is part of Pachelbel's canon. Thanks :)

Kjell Prytz said:

It is a neat piece based on chords but very beautifully sequenced chords. The part in the middle reminds me of a certain Pachelbel.

All the best


Saul :  I plan to do it soon, for the moment I'm publishing first versions  :)

Saul Gefen said:

Reminds me of canon in D by Pachelbel after the 0.55. Maybe you could remove that and continue the development based on the opening theme.

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