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La Danza de Mamushka (Mamushka's Dance) for clarinet, cello and guitar

Hello all! 

This is a composition i did last year. I will appreaciate any comment you may have.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks in advance,


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What do you mean?

It's a short piece, but it's finished.

Oh, allright! Yes, you're right. Actually my notation skills are pretty basic, since i write music on paper since last year.

Any comments on the composition itself?

Thank you very much! It's very usefull to receive that kind of feedback. 

What kind of clarinet are you scoring this for? Note that the common B-flat clarinet is a transposing instrument; you have to write the part a perfect 2nd higher than how you want it to sound, if it is to match the pitch of the cello and guitar. The key signature in this case would be G, not F as you have written here.

Also, did you check the fingerings of the chords you wrote for the guitar to make sure they're playable? (I didn't look too closely, but I just wanted to make sure you have, since it's rather easy to write impossible guitar chords in notation software and it wouldn't warn you about it.)

Hello, Teoh!

Yes, i wrote for b flat clarinet. I have the advantage of writing with the sibelius software, so when i extract the sheet of the clarinet it is automaticly transposed.

I'm actually a guitar player, so i composed almost everything with the guitar. Those are posible chords, they only sound imposible because there are two open strings in them, which gives the result of big leaps between notes.

Thank you for the response!

Ah, I see. It still seems odd to me, though, 'cos I'm used to seeing transposed clarinet parts even in the main score. At least, that's the convention in orchestral scores, I don't know what's the convention for small ensembles.

Yes, you're right. But i don't know how it is in small ensembles either.

Any comments on the music itself?

I really enjoy the way this piece begins. As a listener it feels familiar, but still curious. It holds my attention and pulls me to follow and watch how you establish it’s whimsical character.

Your composition for the most part feels effortless and I can float along with it which is really nice. It feels like a journey or a wander through the woods.

As the piece moves, the play between the sharp cello plucking and soft dancing of the clarinet is just wonderful. Then the abrupt stops and more abrasive part really fits well for a transition and back to more dancing.

It gets a little bumpy (In a good way) at points, but don’t all journeys? It works well. Also, the build up before 2:00 minutes is nice too (1:55 - 2:00)

Good job. It’s fun, it’s playful, It’s abrasive. I like it.

Thank you, Bobby! I really appreciate it.

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