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This is my latest piece, finished it just today. I was inspired by a picture my sister drew, and I decided to write a song based off of the "story" my mind created based on the picture. 

I wanted to make the song a movement, since the picture was of a girl on a boat flowing downstream. So, I felt that the piece needed variation, and I tried to capture the eerie, beautiful, calm, of a midnight voyage on a river. I botched the ending in my opinion, so I would definitely appreciate any tips on what I could have done better to end it strongly. The main part of the song, though, I am happy with, and I actually think it's by far my best piece of work. So, if you guys wouldn't mind giving me your opinions, I'd appreciate it very much.

Sorry about the link, I kept getting an error message when trying to upload the song here. I'm pretty certain it should fit. Since my file is only a 2.7 mb mp3....

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I think making the starting chords a bit more interesting would benefit the eerie part of the mood. But that's only for the beginning - once it flows into this adventure kind of thing, the notes picked are just right.

Botched ending? I don't think so. Doesn't need to be particularly strong, imo, however I would tie it somehow to the earlier intensity. It sort of stops to a crawl as it is. Myself, I would probably go for some sweet harp arpeggios starting at around 1:43 (or maybe half a measure sooner, even) to subtly glue the transition. Possibly keep them rolling for 10 seconds, give or take. There's other ways to make this work, I'm sure.

Either way, a fun thing. Good job.

Thanks for giving it a listen.

I was thinking about going back and doing a little more with the beginning, but I have a tendency to over do it and I didn't want to change the entire mood of the beginning. My main thing right now is shooting for a sense of realism. I'm not the best at it though,

As far as the ending, I think the harp idea would be perfect, I wasn't quite sure what to do with the end myself I even thought about bringing back some of the ostinato from the first verse of the song, but I just couldn't get it to work well within the context of what I wanted to do with the ending. I am glad though that you don't think it was completely botched 

Oh, does it seem to bunched? I've been working with trying to get effective panning, as of yet I don't know how far is too far. 

I do get the feel a lot that everything is a little to close sounding. I've gotta continue to learn how to get that wider sound. But thanks for listening. 

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