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Hi All,

I am new, first time poster.  Sorry if this is covered, but I didn't see it as a topic.

I was wondering what most everyone, particularly the orchestral folks, are using as their keyboard controllers.  I personally have a Casio PX 350, reason is the tri-sensor action allows me to play realistic feeling pianos quite nicely.  I had a few other synth style keys, but wasn't thrilled with the way they triggered most samples.

Do you use multiple keyboards for different applications?  (piano=weighted, strings/guitar=semi-weighted?, etc...)  


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I don't use a MIDI controller to enter in notes; therefore, I'm sorry to be the first one to respond to your post. But I just wanted to point out that the reason I sought another approach besides using a MIDI controller is that none of them actually can send the full 128 CC numbers of MIDI from each and every key. (Peter Schwartz shows this in his video tutorials, "The MIDI Orchestra - Enhancing Realism.") This video of mine shows a few seconds from his that depicts this problem. (

I chose to go another route for note entry: using Sibelius notation program to remotely control my sequencer, Studio One. Seems to work well. No quantization issues. No hardware to buy or set up. Each staff is fed its own MIDI stream as Sibelius plays, and so in effect the system emulates entering in notes using multiple MIDI controllers simultaneously. There are lots of advantages to it.

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