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For those interested in the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, i cant recommend this site highly enough. The analyses of the Klavierstucke, solo piano works, for example I found particularly interesting and informative.

Stockhausen - Sounds in Space

Analysis, explanation and personal impressions of the works of the avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Thanks Bob

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That looks really cool Bob, thanks for alerting us to it. 

Did you know that Boulez could apparently hear mistakes whilst rehearsing Gruppen  one time.

The chart of total serialism for Gruppen looks fascinating...

Youre very welcome Mike--and I didnt know that about Boulez..I really like his music also!

Thanks Bob


This is all very interesting.

Lots of interesting stuff here.  I didn't know Stockhausen was so productive, seven operas?!

I like that the time line of 20th Century music starts with Beethoven:

1804: Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 ("Eroica"), transcends Classical sonata form by introducing an extra theme subject in the development section (as well as a bizarre "pre-echo" before the recapitulation), signalling the beginning of the path to "modern music"

This time line helps to show the connections and continuity between "new" and "classical" music.

Thanks for posting!

YES, he was indeed prolific.

And his music is very diverse.

Consider this very late work he composed, for such a small ensemble. 

Two harps and two female accompanying voices.

I consider it to be one of his most compelling.

Stockhausen:  Freude (Joy).

[This is one I can listen to again and again, and still enjoy it more each time].

 {Sorry that the very first note is clipped a bit by the youtube the producer.  But otherwise, it's a good performance, I think}

Lots of versions are available on the web.

Here's another,

Just scroll down to the video.

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