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just something i have been working on, off and on, as i play with it...

its certainly not "done", and i just started on the part near the end where you hear the guitar and violin, it was something new i started coming up with out of all this, wondering if/where it might get included.

it definitely isnt... "something i smoked a bone and came up with in 15 seconds"

it also definitely isnt... a polished finished piece. (not that i own the tools and training to use such tools anyways, lol)

like i said, i just wondered what i would hear about it...

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hmm.  i cannot say i was a fan of the beginning part.  what follows is pretty cool rhythmically and i like the modal development.  can i ask what you are using for playback?

an old version of edirol orchestral VST... i use FL to score the "edirol orchestra"..

yeah, i'm not a "fan" of the herky-jerky opening line played bare either, LMAO... its just that as i played around, i keep "really liking PARTS here and there of it" and it makes me keep coming back to it...

i know the logic of it, that i cant get around that i am polishing a turd of an opening line that doesnt work well, ha ha

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