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Hi All,

I just added Elegy and Luminous to my page. Please listen, comments welcome.

Elegy and Luminous are meant as two sides of the same coin. Elegy is tragic and Luminous is beyond joyful.

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I enjoyed these very much, thanks for posting. The names are appropriate and match the moods you establish in the pieces. Having listened to quite a bit of your music now, I have one suggestion - while I enjoy your pieces individually, I detect a quality of sameness across the pieces - there is a tendency to a slower tempo, with strong emphasis on the 1 and 3 beats, as well as an emphasis on your very interesting (and sometimes even beautiful) chords. It's only one person's opinion of course, but I'd like to see something from you that departs from that mode. Perhaps something a little... faster

If you want faster try the Toccata or listen to the end of Spring Hop. Tender7 has fast spots and the Fugue is also pretty quick. Rhapsody has many fast spots as well. Frankly I find the criticism without merit and indicative of not listening to these pieces to the end. Even Luminous has fast spots. I would be the first to admit my technique doesn't allow me to actually play most of my music at tempo and if my recordings done with midi take more moderate tempo it's because I don't want to scare any performers off. Most of these pieces are actually pretty darn hard. You have the music to most of them, have you tried to play them?

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