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Hello my fellow composers,

I would love to hear your thoughts on my new piece:

It is a very happy and fast piece (and admittedly very hard to play).

Thanks for taking the time to listen!

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Hi Chris,

The piece doesn't seem to follow any rules, so that only leaves the option of trying to understand it by its own internal logic. General impression of that logic is that there are two devices at work here: the repeated chord main section and; the slower middle section. These come across to me as forming A and B sections, and overall the feeling is ABA. The A section is lively and energetic and has a good flow to it. I like a lot of repetition, probably more than most, and I liked this section. Your interruption of this at m34 and m35 seemed jarring to me, and without being able to say exactly why, these two measures stuck me as an unwelcome intrusion. The B section, which I would say starts on m69, did not strike me as strong - perhaps because the skill level needed to play it is much less than for the A section, it came across to me as kind of a downgrade to the piece, although the chords here sound ok to me. I might have liked this more if it was written at a somewhat higher technical level. One general comment: you make unusual choice for chords, which seemed to me to work fairly well, but I would have to sit down and actually play them to see if I really think so. Thanks for sharing!

A fun piece. Nice irregular meter (4 + 3 + 4, essentially 11/8, wow!), lots of repeated chords as Gav said. The measures that struck me as jarring were measure 56, and again in the 11-teens during the reprise, I didn't catch the exact measure, a scale passage culminating in a forte or fortissimo chord.

Yes, a clear ABA form. I did feel that the B section was too short and undeveloped, and would like to have heard some variation of the A section on the reprise. Sort of gave the impression of a Bruckner scherzo + trio where the scherzo part is repeated verbatim, except for a short coda (I think).

Could you post the score? On YouTube a credit pop-up gets in the way on the last couple of the pages, makes the score impossible to follow there.

This is quite colorful and energetic. I don't think too hard to play, but in the coordination of the 2 pianos - might be a bit tricky at first.  Seems there is a touch of minimalism, though pushing the harmonic complexity  - a la Steve Reich - . 

I enjoyed this a lot!  Wonderful work!

Thanks to all of you for your feedback, really helps a lot!

I tried to combine different newer styles in this one and its gradually getting more dissonant until the chords become almost clusterlike while the relatively simple melody still remains audible.

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