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Journey; An original piano solo, I'd be grateful if you share your thoughts in a comment :)

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Hi Islam,

A pleasant whole-tone progression soft-pop tune - 


I thought the theme was interesting . You are quite a good pianist!

The rest is strictly a matter of personal opinion so please take it as such. The tune maintained the theme throughout with no extreme breaks of any kind. I think this makes the whole thing a bit less interesting.

If you had diverted somehow it would add interest. For instance, taking everything up a half step, changing keys or introducing a variation on the chosen key. The way it is I see it as going from light contemporary to heavier contemporary maintaining the same theme is only mildly interesting to my ears. Also dynamics is important. It seemed to me the dynamics level held about the same thoughout.

Hi Timothy, 

Many thanks for dropping your thoughts. I always wonder how a piece I compose sounds in others' ears. I love it when I get such a feedback considering the weaknesses one might notice yet propose solutions to it. I see your point and I think your suggestions are valid, helpful and thoughtful. I will consider your suggestions next piece. Thank you again.   

Thank you Gav, I am glad you find it pleasant. For some reason, a lot came up to me and said they find it sad :S lol For me, I find it pleasant as well. 

Gav Brown said:

Hi Islam,

A pleasant whole-tone progression soft-pop tune - 


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