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Or maybe just waltzes with lots of major 7ths.

This is an entry for a recorder composition competition; it needs to be for SATB, so my use of Great bass is actually optional; there is a version with a couple of low notes flipped up.

Also: this needs to be playable by an amateur ensemble, hence the fairly relaxed writing.



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Maybe I should write for piano?

Nah. Piano is boring. This is more fun.

Interesting that the title is "Rocky Mountain Waltzes" (much not in 3/4) and the video is folks doing Polka in San Antonio.

I suspect that an amateur group would not have access to a great base. If they did, you could have written it for ATBGb. 

  1. Polka video: I just use whatever gratuitous marginally applicable video I can find. That's only to make it easier to share on Facebook.
  2. "much not in 3/4", well, a couple of 2/4s in the beginning. Something like 95 percent is 3/4. I could have written the final section as 3/4 instead of 6/8. Maybe I should still do that.
  3. Greatbass: they are more common than contrabasses. I think there are 5 great basses in Austin, I have the only contra. But yes, the piece was intended by me for Great, then adapted to suit the assignment.

Thanks for listening.

You have rehearsal letter C twice.

Also, is it actually supposed to be a jazz waltz? Because C #1 goes there a bit, but the rest not so much. Jazz waltz is a bit bouncy thanks to the syncopation, and it basically has to swing.

I fixed the rehearsal letter. Thanks.

No, it's not actually a jazz waltz. More like a salon orchestra.

The first part should be played like a ballroom waltz at 95bpm or so. Second part is probably closest in feeling to a jazz waltz, 130 or so.

Third part is my crummy attempt to write out the Vienna Symphony way of phrasing Strauss waltzes. It doesn't sound remotely like the Wiener Philharmoniker, but it rolls nicely anyway. Maybe swinging the syncopated eighth will actually solve this problem.

Thanks for listening.

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