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I composed this piece with the intention of capturing both the peacefulness and drama of Japan's mountainous landscape. I would really appreciate you feedback, thank you! 

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 I believe you captured peaceful the feel you were after pretty well. Though I am certainly no authority on Asian folk music, I thought this had similarities to other Asian music I have heard though not overt similarities. Probably because the instruments were less ethnic and more common in other music such as violin. I couldn't be certain if the flute was a Japanese flute or a more western traditional one. Instrumentally speaking, the lines were blurred there for me slightly. They style was markedly Asian in feel though.  The entire thing expounded on a general simple theme. I think you could afford to get away with it at only 2:22 minutes long. 

The audio mix was very good. Very realistic and pleasant. 

Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for your feedback. The flute is a Japanese Shakuhachi.

Very nice. The first 40 seconds sounded very peaceful. The drum then captured the soft drama of the moment. Then it built up very well before returning to peacefulness again. I liked it a lot.

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback, those transitions were exactly what I was going for. I'm glad you enjoyed it

I really enjoyed this piece. You have a good ear for instrumental color, and the gradual addition of the different lines and the way they are scored are very effective. The percussion then adds just a touch of drama. As a whole the piece is peaceful, lyrical, beautiful. One feeling I couldn't shake is that it gave me the impression of Asian music as heard through Western ears, rather like in film soundtracks. It has been a very long time since I saw the miniseries Shogun, but I seem to recall similar passages in the score there. You do call it a "soundtrack" so I wondered if it was intended for a film?

Just some impressions from someone who is very much NOT an expert on Asian music, to be taken with a large grain of salt.

Hi Liz, thanks for your feedback! It really means a lot when I get a response and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.

I completely agree with you that it's Asian music as heard from Western ears. What I was going for was a piece that is inspired by Asian music, rather than trying to write something that was completely authentic.

While it doesn't have any media to go with, I've called it a soundtrack as it's quite thematic and has that genre blend which is quite common for film music (as you mention). So I think it could suit a film or trailer.

I will check out the music from Shogun, thanks.

Very nice music. Sounds oriental indeed, nice peacefulness to it.

Would be even better if developed even further.


Thanks Saul for your comment. Yes, that's a good idea - I think I'll compose some variations on this theme in the future.

Nice piece, the piano and lead violin are particular standouts, I think you could open this out a little more - and leave some space for the instruments to breathe. I would have personally loved a key change when the taikos came in (but that's just me!!)

If I had a suggestion, the mix is quite crowded in the mid range and centre space - I would look at your panning and EQ to give everything a voice. Also adding some movement to the string chords at the beginning (expression and dynamics) will help with that,

Overall really enjoyed it and would love to see it develop further.

Thanks Nigel, that's some really useful feedback you've provided!

Mixing/mastering is something I'm slowly learning, so cheers for this advice as that will really help me.

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