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Dear members,

I ususally write modal music but this time I decided to have a go at atonalism.

Hope to get some feed back

Be well


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Hi Christophe, I had a listen but to be honest, I don't really understand this style of music so I can't really give you any feedback but I did like the sound of the instruments you used. :)

Good work. I have no problem with atonality unless it's too cluttered which makes it difficult to react to - With only two instruments this piece isn't cluttered and proceeds mostly at a slow enough pace to take everything in. The opening is excellent. So it was easily listenable. Ruminative and perhaps surreal.

I liked the varying between non-vibrato and vibrato; your use of silence and occasional sustained notes (and by extension, repeated sustained tones), and the feeling of dialogue between violin and cello here and there.

However, it isn't entirely atonal. At around 1'22" it seems to find a tonal centre briefly. There's nothing wrong with that. It sounds good and wouldn't damage the piece if used elsewhere.

The only parts I found off-putting were the chromatic sequences (in contrary motion) at around 2'35" and 2'45". But that's just me. I tend to avoid things like that like the plague. 

Well done. 

thank you for the feed back

Many wonderful things here Christophe, I like it.  I'm happy to hear this as an alternative to the many other excellent  compositions posted here that are tonal.

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