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Hi! This is my first post on the forum.

First I would like to say that I am very glad to find a forum, where people post compositions, that I really like.

I am posting an Interstellar String Quartet (in 7 parts), that was written for the local contest of chamber music in Moscow (Lavrov music school). In the quartet I am bringing romantic, minimal and minimal rock styles together.

I would be very glad to hear your opinions and most of all - some criticism about the music.

You can start autoplay in player on my site for you not to click on each track separately, If it is more convenient: You can also listen in my profile. - Interstellar - 1. Dark crusade.mp3 - Interstellar - 2. Winter assaul... - Interstellar - 3. Survivors.mp3 - Interstellar - 4. Interstellar.mp3 - Interstellar - 5. Sands.mp3 - Interstellar - 6. Flight.mp3 - Interstellar - 7. Soulstorm.mp3

PDF: - Interstellar - 1. Dark crusade.pdf - Interstellar - 2. Winter assault.pdf - Interstellar - 3. Survivors.pdf - Interstellar - 4. Interstellar.pdf - Interstellar - 5. Sands.pdf - Interstellar - 6. Flight.pdf - Interstellar - 7. Soulstorm.pdf

Unfortunately I was able to attach to the post only 3 parts of 7. Other parts are available as links, in my profile and on my site (above)

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Chris, do you mean that lower notes sound better? Or you mean that lower notes have too much higher harmonics?

Number six rocks.  Kind of Yo Yo Ma does Led Zeplin.  Classical instruments doing rock music, an interesting concept.

Dark Crusade has strong Wagnerian influences - I imagine you like Tristan very much. The use of leading tones and shifting dom 7ths and diminished really suggest this.  Strangely the the interruptions and chromatic scale seem a bit too much of a forced transition - not quite sure I hear any specific connection to the earlier material except in the very broad sense it is chromatic. 


Now before I continue between idea is pretty good I just think it could be better. For example the fragmentation you use to return to the A form of your ternary form sometimes works and sometimes it has a little too much of a cadential pull. 


The use of the quartet's resources is a little conservative, I would think with a reference to rock you might use a little effect for distortion - not much - but just a little more. The ostinato you do use have been used quite a bit - check Vitamin Quartet's arrangements.  But I do like very much you fragment it. That idea throughout this movement is extremely smart and great way to draw the listeners attention. 

Finally I do wish it were just a little longer with less fragmentation - the opening suggests a long melodic line to come which never does.


Well when I have time I will listen to this again and possibly more. Very good work and I hope you get a live performance.


Thanks all for comments.

Christopher, this advice to decrease fragmentation is useful, I will try.

Can you please tell what second you are talking about here: "the fragmentation you use to return to the A form of your ternary form sometimes works and sometimes it has a little too much of a cadential pull".

You are right, I used some ideas from Tristan here :)

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