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Inside The Cave - First orchestral piece using a sample library

Hello there,

here is sort of a soundtrack piece I wrote about 2 years ago. I recorded it recently using Miroslav Philharmonik.

What do you think about the music itself and the sound?

Thank you

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Hi Jan, first of all thanks for listening and spending time on replying.

Ok, that stuff with the quantization I' ve been told before. I record short parts of the song one after the other in real time, but if i would leave those midi parts unedited the result would be a disaster because I am not that hell of a piano player. The other thing is that I sometimes forget to quantisize and when I listen to this part later, it feels that there is something wrong with it. It seems that my ears are very sensitive to rhythmical inaccuracies. Might be related to my Frank Zappa fanatism. This guy never let something out in the air which was not perfect. So probably I need somebody who messes up my perfect midi tracks a bit. I don't have the heart to do this on my own.

See you later
FUNNY cause it was playing at 2:08 right when I read about your FZ fanatism... and that part is SOOOO FRANK! I had to rewind it to make sure haha

I also work from the frank zappa school of rhythmic perfection. My band mates hate how I yell at them for playing wrong rhythms but I hardly ever say anything about "wrong notes"

overall I enjoy the composition. I do feel however, even for my zappa-esk hearing, it is far to mechanical. I also have this problem when working with midi and VSTi's. something I personall need to work on as do many others it seems as it is the bigest downside to VSTi use. I would love to find a good tutorial covering the many aspects of "quantization" ( a term I am not familer with)

btw is that a star wars quote at 4 minutes?
I love it when a song quotes music.
Hello Mike,. thank you for your feedback. OK, quantization means to tell the sequenzer:' I just played a bunch of 1/8 notes, but not very precisely. Put them where they belong.' And the sequenzer does. To my opinion in an orchestral piece with twenty or more voices this is a must or we will end up in chaos. Maybe I will start a discussion about the art of midi editing. I am sure here are many people with much more experience in that field than I have.

Of course there are quotes of Starwars in this piece. I don't have any classical background or education at all. All of my orchestral ideas come from movie soundtracks, and the best soundtracks come from John Williams. For example, the first theme of the violins after 1 minute is based on one of the main themes from Jurassic Park. You should always steal from the best.

I hope today I will find the time to listen to the two pieces you have posted here.

See you later
Jochen ... I'd be happy to discuss MIDI editing on another post ...

In the meantime, you may consider at least adding randomisation to your quantize settings (like 4-8 ticks).

You should also consider adding a timing offset to the slow speaking instruments.

Hope this is useful.
English is not my native language. Nevertheless usually I understand what people try to tell me, but here I do not have the faintest idea what you mean. It would be kind if you could post your reply again using words I understand. Thank you

thanks for your feedback. Probably I will post this midi editing thing next week. And the slow speaking instruments are a heavy problem. I only own Miroslav Philharmonik, and in this library there are string sounds that last long but start slow and other ones start fast but are very short. When I reproduce a melody with shorter and longer notes the result is not very convincing. Maybe I will find out later how I could do better, I am a beginner with virtual instruments.

when I started sequenzing I also never quantized. I said to myself:' OK, you are a live musician so record your music live.'
I thought that the result was ok. One time I asked a friend of mine to play some guitar to my sequenzes, and he tried and then told me, that he could not play to that out of time mess and went away. Since that day I'm quantizising everything. And I know that there are bands, which carefully keep an eye on the correct tempo especially in the studio.

And you are right: I like your song 'Ray Dio' and even more 'Heresy', very Zappish to me.

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