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My father is a quiet man, although when he gets started on a subject I understand he always has a lot to say. It's always good stuff, always helping me grow as a person.

I made this little song about a son asking advice and how he views his father while he talks with abundant zeal and wisdom. that is the perspective of a son about hinself and his father.

Please tell me if the intent is clear!

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Well, it has a kind of religious feel to it, which is a function both of the fact that it sounds like a pump organ, as well as the  hymn-like chord progression. As for the intent, since you told us what it is, yes, I can see it. But if you hadn't told us there is no way anyone could possibly get that from the piece. What you describe would be a difficult, if not impossible thing to portray musically. Music can convey feelings, but only in a general way. Or it can suggest nature imagery, sometimes very powerfully, as in Debussy's La Mer. It can accompany action, but to suggest such specific content, without any other cues, that it cannot do. So, if you were to make a silent movie about a father and son having a conversation, this would be great music for it. The father could be pointing his finger, gesticulating, etc, and the son could be expressing his emotional reaction by the look on his face (rolling his eyes; smiling, nodding the head and so on). Hmm, sounds like an interesting project...

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