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This is a prelude I'm working on. I hope you give me ideas on how to complete it.


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Very Lisztian/Chopinesque.  If you intend it to be a traditional prelude then in my view it's as good as complete. Perhaps repeat the section that seems to start around 29 seconds and end it more robustly.

Well done. Bravura. Bold. 



Very nice beginning, I think it should be developed. 

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 I think this is slightly fast if you expect the orchestra to follow a motif based on it. The prelude puts a lot of energy right at the beginning which I think would be ok if you were anticipating this to be a highly charged piece all the way through. As the composer you can do anything you want to do.

To my thinking this would work better as a climax of the entire song building up to that slowly since this probably works the ability of the pianist to their maximum speed or close to it making something longer taxing to play for many pianists for any length of time. If your goal is eventually 3 or 4 minutes of material minimum then maybe to build a motif more gradually would be a consideration. Most music has a more subdued beginning and a gradual move into more complexity. I say "most" because there are speed demon piano pieces out there that seem to be designed to only show off the pianist's ability. Faster playing doesn't necessarily equate to more emotional playing. It's actually quite the opposite in my opinion. 

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