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So i felt kinda sad today so i decided to just record something, anything any i just pressed the record button and starting playing... This is the piece i improved after i pressed the record button

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Hi Jonatan, the piece sounds very interesting, really sad, melancholic, and reveals authentic feelings. I assume this is an improvisation recorded from a real acoustic piano, without MIDI recording. If this is not correct, please disregard what I am writing below.

Where improvisations often come short is a music form. Indeed, if you record only the audio, it is hard to combine different recorded fragments into a music form. Recording only the audio has additional obvious limitations: you cannot reorchestrate the piece and perform it with better instruments. Since I am an improviser, I think you need to build a good environment for MIDI-recording improvisation sessions. This would contain a well-sounding MIDI piano (which is not too expensive today) connected to a sequencer. Even the simplest old Voyetra DOP would be enough for this. (I prefer it sometimes compared to Cubase or Reaper). Using MIDI, you can actively control and edit your improvised material, for example make better contrasts, build inversions and retro-gradations of the textures, accelerate fragments, add pauses, unexpected culminations etc.
I enjoyed the piece, thanks for sharing.
Some nice ideas. I would suggest some study of jazz improvisation and transcribing of the master improvisors. While you arent playing jazz, I think you would learn a lot about developing clearer melody and direction in your improvisation. Check out Keith Jarrett "Standards Live" to understand what I mean
Nice little improvisation. Next time maybe aim for a gradual change of direction, either in key or tempo, as the piece could benefit from more variety, especially in the LH pattern. But better than most people could do in one take.

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